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    The Bishou was a central pillar of the legion's morale, a spiritual authority to match Cordell's unerring generalship.
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  • Push yourself off, he says, Kelson muttered, as he tried to suit action to words.

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  • She hollers in shockedpain as the left one breaks, she goes down in a tumble, losing her furled parasol out of one hand.

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  • Her eyes were sparkling, her dark red hair disordered with the rambunctious bedtime antics of her offspring. He turned a key, fiddled with a fuel valve on the side of the ancient machine, and leaped up to come down on a pedal..
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  • Just stay out of trouble, Mike said, loud enough to be heard by all the occupants in the back of the truck. These, combined with the Hivistahm's expert cosmetic surgery and the friendship and compassion of those Humans on the medical staff, helped to speed and ease the defectors mental and emotional transi tion from Ashregan to Homo sapiens.
  • It wasn't too long before they deduced that it was because of the new diamond semiconductors.

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  • Bri, I'll need to float this behind us or it will blind us all.
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    It took about sixty years to build starting in the reign of Shrinivasa Malla and was dedicated by his successor.

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  • That's the only way he's ever going to get head from a woman, Liz said, giggling. The harassment attacks continue for a reason, to keep us off guard, to keep our people on alert until they're exhausted.
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  • I leaned forward, Which maybe she does, but she expresses it in a form that he can't understand. Eddie thought Blaine also might have trouble thinking around comers.
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  • He didn't have to sound so mean-hearted when he gave her that order. Although atypical to city streetscape, avoid purchasing a country or mountain home where this type of pattern is more common.

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  • Even in the areas untouched by the battle, all the reliable signposts had vanished. They stood in a huge chamber, perhaps a kilometer in diameter.
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    Roberta thought, realizing in horror where Morrison was going with this. As if reaching for a delicate piece of porcelain, Susan lifted one of Nancy Greenly's hands.

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