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    Her faith had been restored slightly in the bar afierwards, where she recognised a guy from the meeting, someone who had seemed refreshingly aloof, watching events from the back, arms folded and wearing a sardonic expression. If only wages would go up as well, but there was little likelihood of that.

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    By Ian's time, only a minority of Dorsai women as well as men are professional soldiers, but planetside women still guard the continuity of the culture. Teerts had been listening to the mushy, barking way the Nipponese mangled his speech for so long, he needed a moment to recognize this was how it should be spoken.
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  • To drive the point into the ground, he said, 'It should be you, young sir. I am not interested in your simple task, foolish priest.
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    Nothing; then he suddenly realized that the quality of light in the room had changed, brightening.
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    As she ventured deeper into the cave, the mysterious sound grew louder; then she smelled the bracing scent of freshwater and suddenly realized what it was an underground river. And why not use the fact that the killer doesn't know we're on to him as an advantage?

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    It is simply a mass of matter, presumably of flesh, and this mass seems to go through some sort of rhythmic change in shape, for periodically it is globular, then begins to flatten out until it lies in the bottom of the tank, somewhat like a pancake.
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    I've found the remains of the second plane and she's clean as well, Dirk replied. This time, the light shone upon the same old man, but he was no longer alone.

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    And I saw it, a shadow against the shed's white-painted side.

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  • Back in the president's office the silence was finally broken by Komarov.
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  • The lab would become an inferno, blasting up into the dead city, visible for miles and she'd be there to see it, to know that she'd done what she could to make things right.

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    When I knew he was asleep I got up, grabbed some blankets, went downstairs, and made up a bed on the couch in the living room. When Em was doing her weaving-burping-drunk routine and strangers turned to stare, Charlotte explained that Em was seven.
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