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  • The civil wars that had been nearly continuous since the death of Antiochus IV, eighteen years before, had seen a steady shrinkage of the dominions of Antioch. Most planetary histories could be transferred in fewer than thirty seconds.
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  • Might stem from the fact that I've consumed more whiskey in the past two days than I have in the past two years, altogether.
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    They were a bigger nation, ranged further out from the mountains, and got into fights with Texicans first. As much as she loved Julius, she often found him excessively opinionated.

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    As soon as dinner was polished off and the last of the laundry hung up to dry, Skif and Lyle packed up the goods for Jarmin, the old clothes seller.

  • He also noticed that the tunic was being held to the wall by the puttylike substance used to seal bottles of synthehol. The bloom ends when the rate at which new flowers form noticeably declines.

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  • Hairy spiders are remarkably resistant to crushing damage; rolling or crashing into walls is ineffective at removing or destroying hairy spiders.
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  • D'Tan knew they must be occupied now, and Janicka was sneaking away to get some forbidden treat. That's the stage a Vulcan should have fin- ished by Sarda's age in Earth years.
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    I'm just afraid of what can happen if we don't act right away.

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    Cause & Effect Assumption This is a statement.that states that some action by one person is directly responsible for another, person to think, do, or feel something.

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