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    Often the mechanics aren't easy to visualize but the results are out there on the street. Taylor was savouring this success when a messenger from the block of buildings said that Captain Lyon wanted to speak to him.
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  • No no not again, please It sounded as though someone was threatening him.

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    Oooh, scary scary, she's got a form-fitting black bulletproof vest on. He clenched his jaws to avoid biting down on his tongue by accident.

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    I have a very sweet, docile, placid nature, she protested sententiously. Two of the tech crew, pulling huge bags of abandoned tools behind them, stopped to look at him, one in disgust, one looking hurt.

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    IT MIGHT HAVE been comical, but was not, when each of the fifteen reporters reacted the same way to the blood test. Routes commercial traffic and separates out the human messages for decoding and forwarding.

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    If I had just a little less honor, I'd tell you anything that would get those jeans off you in the least possible time.

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  • They had no call to say I found her all that lovely as I was questioning her while she was handcuffed to a blamed fire engine! You're the only person I know who worries about keeping your washing machine clean.
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  • There'll be more to it than that, my queen, the Gaffer said.

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    Net Force was hot on the trail of a Danish terrorist group.
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    To Fran he said, Do you have any particular play in mind?
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    As to his manuscript, the item might have said that he never consulted it at all. Saving the splendid eyes, there is nothing left of Burr's legendary dark angelic beauty.

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    In came a breeze that smelled of the ocean, and out went Rose into the night.

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  • Peripherally she saw Ernol touch his handgun; the young man sat again. You don't expose the people you love to danger, and if you see danger and don't do something about it, then it's only right, it's only just that you should live with your guilt every day of your life.
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  • They had said it all, and run out of words a long time since.
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  • Slowly the 'kid turned, and Rebus saw a face older than the frame which supported it. He could have been the earl, not you, but Madeleine came along too quickly.

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  • What I do remember is his delight in finding a place where suntans and a social life were taken to be as critical as grades. A scarlet-clad figure on a broomstick, moving so fast it was blurred, shot out onto the field from an entrance far below, to wild applause from the Bulgarian supporters.
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  • Your father ... he began, struggling to find his words, but then her mouth was on his, her tongue probing between his lips. She stood up, unzipped the suit and touched the checkered plastic of a pistolgrip.
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    He picked up the leather violin case; it completed his disguise, for no musician left his instrument in a strange hotel room. Zapytajcie go, czy wie, z jakiej przyczyny kaza em go zatrzyma ?

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  • Michael spun quickly on his heels and began to head in the westerly direction taken by Ryan and the others.
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  • The head fell forward on the breast, the eyes closed, and the dragon breathed a contented sigh. He stayed in the car, told us we'd done a great job at the party and he was giving us a bonus.
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  • Talaan bowed deeply, parallel to the floor, touching her forehead, lips and heart.
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    There is another on the far side of the one you saw.

    That night the villagers lit a bonfire, and a party of sorts got under way, starting with a multicourse feast, which arrived on leaves, culminating in a tapir roasted in a pit. That girl, though: teenaged, long limbed, large breasted, exquisite face, bronzed, strong.
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    It looked as if it were trying to wink at them. Almost at high noon we thundered over the lip of a great valley in which, at some ten miles distance, we saw a fair-sized city.

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    Alianora and I found one of them picking dragonsbane a few days ago, and Kazul thinks King Tokoz will listen to you if you tell him about it.

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  • Eddie reached for the radio microphone and hit the transmit key. I've watched and I've listened, and I've pieced together observations and bits of conversation and other petty details about bardic magic.
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