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  • Or rather, for what Grego had set in motion, ready for the single small nudge that Nimbo, in all innocence, had given.
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  • Flurry, recognizing the voice of a Master, promptly abased himself, ears dipped, and tail deprecatingly wagging. Mara's fingers stirred against theloosened folds of her robe and gathered the fabric about her.'I hear you, old mother.
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    Both our costs can be very low or both our costs can be very high. Pua pursed her lips, but returned both hands to the control deck.
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    Bradwarden had watched Elbryan closely these last two days, since he had evaded the monsters about End-o'-the-World and had crawled out of the forest. She was sitting in a rocker and she had knitting in her lap.

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  • Yel n's smile was gentle; two weeks ago she would have been scornful. His kinship with omer of Rohan, though distant, was recognized by Imrahil, and great friendship grew between them. omer wedded Imrahil's daughter [Loth riel], and their son, Elfwine the Fair, had a striking likeness to his mother's father.
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    Then she had said chokingly, never once taking her eyes from the warming image, Yes, Tony, quite good-for a beginning.

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