• Engineering and Research have been working on a new ship for a long time; a ship to travel so much faster than light that it can go anywhere in the Galaxy and back in a month or so.
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  • However unlikely it may be, it might have been a monkey but a man, a living man, and with him a whole generation of gigantic animals, buried in the entrails of the earth it was too monstrous to be believed!
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    He was plainly frightened of the Chief Inspector, and lost no time in telling him, in very good English, that the ladies had just looked in on their way home.

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  • If only there were some way to communicate with Chakotay, on the other side of the nebula, she thought He'd be able to tell her if there was anything to worry about It could simply be that the next ship in line was having trouble.
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    Welcome to The Antique Reproduction

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  • The earth heaved and bucked and burst apart with a succession of cataclysmic shocks. He'd had a few partitions knocked down to make the place broaden out, he said, and then had them pine-panel the walls and fit up a special pine-paneled bar in the shape of a horseshoe.

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  • In her mind's eye, she saw nothing but sickness and death. Whatever Sharpe's sadness was, it had not stopped his ability to fight.

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  • Perhaps you ought to prove that to yourself one of these days. There was something very durable about the small clansman that reminded me of the weathered, patterned stones, ancient even now, that stood their implacable guard over crossroads and burial grounds.
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